Cross to Bear

I’ve probably walked by this building a hundred times. Today was the first time I noticed this cross rising out of the heart in the iron scroll work. Though organized religion is not my bag, faith is a different matter. So much of the way love works hinges on faith–the willingness to believe in the … More Cross to Bear

Not A Bunny

“I’m working on my bunnies,” said the barista apologetically. She slid the cup across the counter toward me. “It’s perfect!” I said, smiling down at these two, soft hearts floating on top of the coffee. We don’t always have a say in what form love takes, but we always have the opportunity to accept it … More Not A Bunny


  A lot of us have felt like our hearts are in a deep freeze over the these last few months as we’ve looked on in grief and horror at the massive lack of empathy, compassion, understanding, and care for our common humanity from the centers of America’s political power. This weekend the temperatures rocketed … More Thaw

Love’s Chambers

  Our heart has four chambers–rooms for the hoarding, the storing, the collecting of love and its accessories like pain, regret, joy, desire, passion, grief, and peace. What home movies do we project on the walls of these spaces? What stories do we carve into the beams? What memories do we long to erase?

We Are Water

  We are water/we flow and flow I feel you pour into/every inch of my soul I really must tell you this/baby before you go We are water/we flow and we flow -Patty Griffin, “We Are Water”