In 2015 I began noticing hearts everywhere, all around me–in knots on trees, in bits of a torn napkin, and yes, in food! Apparently, hearts, much like Jesus, enjoy showing up in our baked goods.

“You’re in the flow of good energy!” my friend exclaimed enthusiastically when I told her how I would randomly glance down and see a wad of heart-shaped gum on the ground. I admitted that it seemed almost too arbitrary–sort of accidental by design. I’ll take it. After all, the world is a little grizzled these days, a touch of having been around the block (if you get my drift), and we could all use some magic. I’m not going to pass up a beautiful or even weird reminder that we’re here for love and connection and for the baked goods. Natch.

Enjoy these photo discoveries. Please credit if you’re inclined to share. And see if you can’t catch a few hearts yourself.