Love Calling

I love my shaggy, grizzled town. We make aaahhhht in alley ways, on the sides of bridges and train cars, and in the gutted shell of technology from a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Love is calling, you best pick up.

Taking Root

  I saw the hearts dangling before I saw the source of these blooms. Making a quick right hand turn onto a side street, I parked my car and walked over to the trees. My feet sank in the spongy, too-soft-for-winter soil. Terra infirma, just like the state of our bruised world. Two spiny trees, … More Taking Root

Bubbling Up

I have no idea why hearts insist on announcing themselves in our food, but there it is. So many times I have met these little critters in the crusts of bread, cookies, once in the left over shreds of a barbecued chicken leg. True story. Maybe they’re trying to work their way back in or … More Bubbling Up

Iron Clad

There is so much gorgeous iron work in Boston–railings, fences, balconies. I find it very thoughtful that our patriotic, revolution-loving, salty, original Bostonians were kind enough to leave a little love wherever they built. This kind of makes up for that whole not winning a World Series for a thousand years.

In Plain Sight

I often find these critters hiding in plain sight. Tromping along a hiking trail, my eyes slide along the ground, stumbling over a rock or root (more usually a rock, cheeky bastards) in heart mode, just hanging out, tucked in with moss and other non-adorably-shaped woodland items. It feels a little like they are laughing … More In Plain Sight

Baked With Love

This is straight up ooey, gooey, delicious, beautiful, almost-too-amazing-to-eat, baked with love goodness! I said “almost” too good to eat. *Chomp* *Yum*